Monday, August 8, 2011

Rocka Box

Made it to Rockerbox Saturday with no disasters.
Was able to convince my friend Karissa to ride along and stand in the sun staring at motorcycles looking pretty.   May have used up that one free pass.
This is it.

Cub drags

Looks to be a Tracy tank/seat combo

 We use to have a Rokon, we got it off a farmer who had it sitting out in a field in the UP.
We were in the process of adding a sidecar before we sold it, setting it up for 3 wheeled drive.

Ahead of its time

Dan over at DPR, his newly painted rig

A loss

Friday the world lost Gary Nixon.
Two time Grand National Champion

Gary's Trump Cub
 Snagged that from a sweet lttle site about Cubs

Gary still racing - Mid-Ohio 6 years ago

You will be missed,
Ill go get sideways for ya Gary

Can't we all just be sideways and happy?

Friday, August 5, 2011


It's like god damn Christmas!
I got my order of Surly parts today - flask, junk straps, front and rear cogs, plus a few other things. I was expecting that package to come.

But, I did not expect to get my copy of The Salt Ghost so damn quick. (courtesy of Wes White over at Four Aces)
Excited to check it out, it has been confirmed that I have a small cameo in the movie. Hopefully I can find some time this weekend to watch it.
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


This is my ideal post 69 ironhead.

I find this bike perfect. If I were to keep my sportster this is how it would end up looking.
This was from the parking lot of the Mooneyes winter show this last year.


This was intended to post before the the dual-sport-touring sportster, oh whell.
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Dirty Sporty

This also tickles my fancy a bit, Tyler over at lowbrow did a post on the guy. Looks damn fun. Pardon my phone blogging -
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climb z hill

A few hill climbers from that Red Wing hill climb last spring.

I think everything looks good covered in dirt and knobbies, its a sickness.
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Baja .8

Now whenever I go downtown, I take a bit of a detour to get my dirt fix. Hit up the ole 51/19 spot. It is slowly being leveled out, no more mud accept for one big ole puddle my bald front tire can't handle. Got a bit of sideways in, I'm happy.

Ordered a new front today, tkc80 same as the rear. I love it too much and since its the front I shouldn't have to worry about the wear as much. Next up for the rear is a Metzler Sahara. Seem like they get good mileage and by the time I sawp that out I hopefully will have a commuting bike.
This next month I am going to be putting on quite a few miles going back and forth between Red Wing every week. Ugh, school.
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