Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hand Grenade

The man himself, Randy Smith

 45 Flathead bottom end - Sportster top end

Hand shift
Four leading front brake
Faceshield windscreen

The 45 Hand Gernade

The Salt Ghost

I was paging through one of my favorite Motorcycle Sport Quarterlys, ill go over that reason why in a future blog.  (Von Dutch+ XLR+ Street Tracker+ Classy)

There was an article on transporting your cycle via 4 wheels.
And what do I see, the now Four Aces "Salt Ghost" crammed into the back of a cadillac.

Now this bike is more famous then ever.  It even has its own movie!

Couldn't find my salt ghost pictures from Bonnie, so I thought I would throw in some Four Aces bikes from 2007.  The first year I caught the Bonneville bug, and my first land speed record on the Whizzer.

I love that mag on the Cub

Salt Ghost article - I got a soft spot for Hodakas


Made it down to Byron, IL for the Meltdown Drags last weekend.

Pre-1966 cars only.

Magnesium, Mmmm 

53 Stude'

Cycle Gang

One of my favorite cars, may just be because of the "Double Dragster" model kit that you could build one up from.

Henry J

Byron local nuclear steam stacks in the background

It was a good time had by all.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


nice new aluminum windshield

At The Land up north,
Thought I was doing the safe thing not going down the steep muddy hill.
Right before going over the bridge I thought to myself how long it had been since I crossed the bridge.
And crunch.
The bridge was just a pallet from the shipping of a CNC machine.
Tip: Use treated lumber when building a bridge.

Bike is fine, no worries.  Showed the pictures to the previous owner, he mentioned there was a good reason her name was "Helga the Rugged Slut"

I love construction

My rear tire is wearing down quick, hope to get 1k out of them.
I gotta use my knobby time wisely.

Found some nice road construction behind one of the 2 different health clinics being built on the corner of 19 and 51

The KLRs older 4 wheeled brother

I have been fiending for dirt, I gotta get back out there.

Hittin' the slopes

Found my way to the trails at Devils Head

Friday, July 8, 2011

Family Get-Together Yall'

Time for the 2nd Annual Zeigle & Zenz family reunion up at Devils Head
Sure to be filled with;
*Running of the Dances With Dirt 1/2 marathon (Much smack talk talked prior to race) - Followed by a swim across Devils Lake and back
*Rigid single speed 29er & Off-road Tandem bike riding
*Attempts of surfboard as stand-up paddle board
*Booze & Beer
*Fire Walking
*Maybe even some Karaoke

And maybe a little off-road exploring of Devils Head on the KLR

Friday, July 1, 2011

da bass

Some people have this misconception that bass strings don't break. False.
Wish I had a spare $200+ to keep an extra set of bass strings around.
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