Saturday, June 25, 2011

Birmingham Small Arms

Snagged this from Lee over at Vintage Cycles Dane County
If you aren't with e-friends with him already, join up!
Tomorrow he is putting on a get together tomorrow in Sun Prairie should be a good time.
DCHS Vintage Cycle Bash

I will not be able to make it unfortunately,
im heading out to be a camp counselor at an orchestra camp up in Hartland, WI
Two camp sessions, 7 bass playing youngins to teach each session.
Been doing it for the last 6 years or so.

Missing the free Rubblebucket show at the Majestic, a little bummed about that though.

Friday, June 24, 2011


The dual-sport bug, caught at a young age


Wes did some filming of me on the Hummer out at Bonneville while wearing my Egan Cycle World leathers.

Does that make it worth taking a cycle trip?
Gotta see when school starts up, got a friend in Brooklyn that I have been meaning to visit.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Back Home

I made it through my trip alive.
Back home recooperating. Starting up work back at Trek in the prototype shop tomorrow. The money is much needed to recover from my trip.
2,500 miles. About $230 in gas.
And I did the whole trip back in a day.
I'll be back.

Got a sweet delivery from Sideburn today. It was delivered to Red Wing instead of Sun Prairie by accident. Well, my buddy Eric just got a job down in Austin working at Collings guitar. He was in the process of moving down and kindly dropped me off some stuff, including my friends 7 string he was working on.
So I finally got my Sideburn fix.
Included was..
Zombie Steve McQueen sweatshirt and print
That was all I ordered, but Gary threw in a Sideburn roller derby poster, Dave Aldana sticker, and a limpy Sideburn sticker.

I gotta re-up my subscription.

I'll put up some more posts of my trip soon. Now that I can post other then via phone.
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Saturday, June 11, 2011


Made it to Asheville yesterday via smoky mountains.
Wow, I will be spoiled on good roads for awhile.
Soon, dragons tail

Stopped at wheels through time 15 min before they closed.
Quick ran through, he had around 8 WLDRs no time to do much investigation.
I'll just have to devote a good day to the museum.
I did include a picture if a sweet KRM that I never knew existed.
Also a pic of a HD Hummer with a mag and Bing carb...ideas for Bonneville.
Off to Athens Georgia for the night with Benn and his roommate Paul.
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Friday, June 10, 2011

The things you see in a state park

Backflips, fo real.
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Saw Quaker Steak was having bike night in Knoxville as I was riding by, so I decided to stop hoping to talk to some liked minded locals.
I'm really surprised I wasn't asked to leave.

I noticed some off looks as I was pulling in. Nothing older then 90's. A few sport bikes. One new Triumph cruiser. All Harley otherwise.
Dual sport not welcome.

On a side note, my front tire is getting some funky wear pattern in it. Little bulged are coming out of the tread. It's not too worn down. Atleast another 1000 miles atleast I would guess if this wasn't coming up.
My rear on the other hand is probably going to need to be replaced on the trip. About 1/3 of an inch left of tread in the center. Bummed about that.

Super side note.
Tomorrow I'm headed to the Wheels Through Time museum!
I haven't been there since it was in Mt. Vernon IL.
He use to have an old Harley WLDR on display that my dad sold him (it was in pieces when he had it)
Pretty excited about that, then off to Asheville.
And then Wilmington.
All tomorrow.
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Trip so far

Spent my first night at a state park outside Bloomington-Normal IL. Only rode about 250 miles that day, probably should have gone further but I got a late start. Found a cool abandon warehouse and concrete park that I romped around in Bloomington outside Carl's Pro Band shop after I got there 40 min late.
Woke up this morning to a rain storm. Threw my stuff together and got on the road. Originally planned on going to Nashville today bud decided to get to Asheville a bit earlier and spend tonight at my Aunt and Uncles in Knoxville.
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cycles South

Packing for the trip.
Leaving today.
Headed to Bloomington Normal IL

Cycling South

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Water socks

That bikes a beast.
Dual fuel lines
Alcohol burning
Total loss oil system
No Transmission
No brakes
JAP motor
Rotax frame

Long gone.


Went out to Angel Park Speedway in my home town of Sun Prairie. Growing up, even thought I was on the other side of town you could hear the Midget races every Sunday night.

The last time they raced motorcycles here was back in 1983.
Looked like the track could have been prepped a bit better.
A good friend Fred Pettis was down with his Harley KR/KHK that he had bored and stroked to just over 900cc   It was the only hardtail in the Vintage Open class, and the only flathead.
Fred on his KR with Danny's Triumph next to him

Fred doesn't race any more after a bad crash a few years back.  But he has Danny Vrana riding his bikes.
Danny had the lead for most of the race but got passed in one of the last laps.   Steve Kasten, riding a XS650 almost had 2nd place over Danny but couldn't quite pull it.
Danny in Canton, OH

And I got to meet Chris Carr

This made up for missing Springfield the other weekend, but I still gotta make it to the Mile.   Thats where the real action is.