Sunday, November 27, 2011

The other Michael Moore

Mmm, Framebuilding.

Monocoque CRDC XS650
Endurance racer

Early Mule

Productivity will decrease,
but expect improvements in moral

Monday, November 21, 2011

Really over priced funnels

Cone maker.

Nice stuff for custom exhaust building.
 A stainless expansion chamber on the Hummer would complement the stainless frame nicely.

Cone Engineering, inc

Not a good sign

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cheating on the KLR

I thought I would sneak a ride on my Dad's BSA 441 while he was gone for the day.
Jokes on me, I don't have the british touch to get it started.   Transmission didn't want me to kick it over.

So I spent a good 45 min staring at it.

Cheating on the KLR while it gets covered in snow back in Red Wing

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Devin SS

Not sure if I will ever decide what Devin I like better

The Moonbeam

Ak Miller's Olds powered Devin
1958 Pikes Peak Winner



The KLR wasn't the biggest fan of this 18 degree morning.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Played music for the first time in months.
Nothing constructive, but music none the less.
I suck.   I should play some more.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Cramping my style

Well my Dad bit the bullet and got a snow blower.

Congratulations everyone!   No snow will be falling this winter.

Coming along




I almost took out more Amish then deer last Friday when I decided to take the long way home and hit up the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail.  
I forked out the $20 for a slick app for my phone Dual Sport Maps.   Worked out better then I imagined.
I had used the site a bit to see where the trail went, but the app helped out quite a bit.

By the time I had made it to Sparta it was already dark and my low beams wouldn't work.   So back roads were best.

It was a hell of a ride.

Crusty gravel - snow covered valley roads

I wish it would have been light out so I could have seen a bit of the scenery.   I can save that for next year.
It was only a small chunk of the trail that I caught from Sparta to Yuba.
It wasn't freezing, but 36 degrees at 40mph is close enough.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another one?

Something about a street legal 2 stroke for under $200, I just cant let it go.

Coming soon.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Kenneth Howard at the age of 17
101 Scout - Pre-Crocker conversion

A post from Irish Rich that I always find myself going back to.
I have heard a hand full of tales of how Dutch started striping.  Every one different.
Don't even believe him in his interview done by Big Daddy Roth. 

I don't have time to comprehend the epitome of the Tricrindian.   

Indians from space?

"Owned by Mike Parti
It was raced by a chick back in the fifties
Velocette stuff
Norton Gearbox
Indian 750 Scount Flathead motor"

Sweet Indian photo snagged from Wes White
Looks like Wes did an article on the owner in a Jockey Journal article.

Monday, November 7, 2011


I can remember sitting in middle school oggling over these drawings.
I had a copy shoved into each notebook.

Good to see the site that hosted the pictures is still online.  Ariel Motorcycles

I never could master the perfect circle, only half ass it
Sunbeam street tracker?

He is truly the man.
And he fucking hates you.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011


Just about flipped the klr.

Felt like a Jeff Decker sculpture.
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Speed freaks

This has been quite the weekend.
No records set, but it was a successful trip as we returned with a running bike.

Stopped at Wheels Through Time in Maggie Valley, NC
All American motors - All in running condition 

Couple trackers from the flat track floor

They say it all runs, I would say 75% will probably start on the spot


Made it to the racer meeting Saturday morning
Downpour rain, couldn't understand

But before that we did a Rookie Orientation lead by Keith Turk.
Keith was partner in crime with David Freiburger for the Great Whizzer Defacing of 2008
So he remembered us and made sure to give us a hard time.

The specks in the right corner = starting line

Trying to remove whatever makes those Hiya-boosas go so fast to put on the Triumph

Quick while his back is turned

Staging  -  Nice MG from Milwaukee 750cc motor

If you go off course at least you land on cotton

1st run - 99.5 mph on 1.5 cylinders, 3/4 throttle, and one triple clamp tightened
And he still gets the front end up between 3rd and 4th

More Wisconsin Folk

Father and son duo   Egli and Vincent

53 Stude

HD - ERS 350

My dad got one run in on Saturday.  Shut it all down at 6.  We drained the break-in out of the bike and left it at the front of the pre-staging line for the night.

The record for our class is 117mph.  
750cc Altered frame (Not stock at all) - Pushrod - Gasoline - 4 stroke
This bike has run 126mph at Bonneville and that was before the head was redone and the cylinders plated.
The bike has it.

Next morning, scraped the frost off the bike and I took a try at the bike.

Crummy run, thing was dogging.
The whole trip, the mid range of the bike the bike would bog but it almost seemed to have the power band of a 2 stroke.  Once you hit it, hang on.

Couldn't even get the bike into 4th gear.  Also a nice thick layer of fog on my helmet my whole run.

We tighten the base gasket and check the valve clearance once I get back in line.
Pushrod jumped off, I was running on one cylinder.

So we fix that while moving in line every 10 minutes, packing tools into the van - pushing the bike - and getting tools back out

My next run,
This bike is a fucking beast!
I can barley hold on as I roll the the throttle on.
I miss a shift and recover only to find the bike dead a half mile into the course.
I get to do a 1/4mile push of shame until a kid on a ttr125 comes to give me a drag push off the track.

Magneto pully slipped on the shaft throwing the timing who knows where.
Fix that again while moving through the line.
Its now noon on Sunday and at 2 Keith Turk gets the last run at Maxton ever.

My dad takes the last run.
Its getting close and my Dad is all suited up helmet on next one in line.

Keith walks out - points at his watch - jumps in his(or someones) Camaro and goes down the track.
Closing Maxton for ever.
Those stock car wheels get me every time

DPR Racing - for you folk

One more 53
 It was a sign,

Something was going to happen to that motor on the last run.
We always have Wilmington, Ohio(The replacement meeting place for Maxton) next year.
Every record will be an open record, and with a $50 class change.  That could mean a whole slew of records.

It was a good time, it was nice seeing as we skipped out on Bonneville this year.
Met alot of like minded crazies.   Speed is a drug for sure.