Monday, May 30, 2011

we gotta get outta this place,

If its the last thing we ever do.

I have rolled my eyes a record number of times this weekend. Sunglasses have been key. Sorry for the cheezy picture, this drive is driving me crazy.
I gotta get the doohickey swapped out on the Klr then find some surplus bags to use as tank and back panniers.
Then ill be taking off in some direction unknown to me.
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Saturday, May 28, 2011


Almost to my great uncle Larry's place, couple more hours. I really wish I had access to a cycle down here. Also just remembered Wakarusa is next weekend here in Arkansas. I need to head down southon my cycle ASAP. This car ride is killing me slowly.
Stopped in Fayetteville so my mother could get some new knitting needles since she knitted the old ones away. I found a store right on a market square. Found a sweet record store right next door. The Sound Warehouse. Picked myself up a few pick me ups.
Buddy Miles - Them Changes
The Budos Band III
Fayetteville 2011 - Audio Recording A little local ditty

Currently spinning the Budos
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Springfield Mile

Driving down to Arkansas with my family to visit a sick relative. Driving through Springfield all we heard on the radio was talk of the Springfield Mile flat track races this weekend.
Following this we saw Chris Carr's toy hauler going into town.
I gotta make it to the Springfield Mile some day.
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Could have done without the hail

So...... doing a pseudo urban enduro during a tornado probably wasn't the smartest thing. But I haven't had that much fun in a motorcycle in a long time.
Trees were uprooted and buildings were missing roofs. It was a pretty intense storm, didn't last too long. I didn't see the tornado only the outcome.
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It's only when it says bridge out that you should be concerned. Or excited.
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Post rapture ride

Decided to ride my favorite La Crosse road on this fine day. Cr-MM
Hairpins up to the top of one of the highest ridges. Over looks farms on one side, the ole Miss on the other.
I may get use to this KLR
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KLR 650

New ride.
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The Land

"The Land" is the most sacred place I know. Only fitting to be here on judgment day.
It's property my family owns in west central Wisconsin.
Motorcycles, bicycles, cars, trucks
This is where I learned the important things growing up.
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Confused flat tracker

Set the flat track bars on the trackmaster. Can't wait till it has a title and its in the street. I feel like its itching to get those clip ons off.

Threw the plate and light on for fun too.

That "HD XR" plate was on my dads Harley xr-1000 when I was a young'n (wish I had a memory of that bike).
Then it made it to his Honda xr-650.
Not sure it will work for the trackmaster.

Bike even has its very own VCDC sticker on the Tracy fiberglass tank & seat.

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Baby's on fire

Not really. Although I did get a pretty raunchy backfire out the velocity stack portion of the air box.
Got the starter working on the GS. Been sanding and putting dielectric grease on all the connections.

Decided to do a comparison of how differently the bike runs with a change in intake. First I tried it without the air cleaner box. I run it like this while working on the bike since it frees up a lot of space. Bike runs pretty well this way, no hang ups.
Put the air cleaner on. Idles the same. Then I put on some throttle, dies. Bike now won't start.
Minor freak out.

Tank still removed. No gas.
Duh Patrick.

I think I just need to go for a ride.

Currently Spinning: Here Come The Warm Jets - Brian Eno
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Monday, May 16, 2011

She runs!

Got the GS 1000 out of storage last week hoping to sell her. She was running last fall, just with a couple of issues.
Got the new starter in, new o ring chain, new rear tire, and a better battery.
Got all that done and she won't start. I was pretty close to taking the carbs off since my brother Alex and I wernt able to drain them all this winter. Decided to make a little aux gas tank to bypass the damn vacuum petcock. It did the trick!

Now to figure out why the starter button isn't working (controls are fine) and why the headlight sometimes gets more power when I use my front brake.

luckily I have Bella the beast to help me on the tough problems
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The fun of Craigslist

Long story short, guy backed out on selling the bike. shitty.
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Friday, May 13, 2011


I have been living in this tiny river city of Red Wing, MN for the last 2 years.  It took me a year to figure out that there is a motorcycle hillclimb in the middle of town tucked behind a baseball diamond.   I finally figured out via word of mouth that I had already missed one day of events this weekend.
No chance I was going to miss another day.

I have always enjoyed street machines in an off road setting. I like to think it offends some people. So when I saw Suzuki Gsxr motors slammed into cr frames, I knew it was going to be a good Sunday. HD Sportster & Big Twins too, even a new Indian.
The vintage class had some cool bikes running. Suzuki Gs1000, couple kawasaki h2 s, couple yamaha xs650s, and my favorite a 750 triumph.

You may think I'm picking the triumph in light of my near purchase. That may be true, but this was a full blown hillclimbing machine.
Ard timing cover to run a magneto
Barnes primary with a mod to run another mag
Swingarm pivot off of front sprocket axis to keep the chain tension consistent

Twin rear fox air shox
Not the best of welds, but sweet bike all together.

One of my favorite things about the event.   How it was mostly kids racing. Atleast 2/3 of the participants were under the age of 18.
The whole event was family oriented.
They had a 3 year old racing!!    She had training wheels on, but she made it a ways up the first hill.

All together good time.

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Oh the places you'll go

Decided I should finally put something up on this blog of mine.
2 days left of school.   Following that I will go home try to sell my 1979 GS1000 before I fly out to Philly next weekend.

Why would someone fly out to Philly?

2006 Triumph Scrambler

To pick up a bitchin' cycle, thats why.   First time I will have purchased a bike and not felt the need to modify it to get it close to what I want.   Front fender will go and a Bates scrambler seat will be added at some point.

Then I will proceed to road trip down to Asheville, NC to visit a buddy from school last year.  This will be my first trip over 600 miles.   I have put my miles on, I feel I am worthy now.
Route has yet to be determined.  Not sure if post-Asheville I will return straight home or tour around the south/south-east.
I have been planing on making this trip for awhile, looking forward to some quality two wheel time.

So this last Thursday I made it up to my first monthly cycle get together at Dulono's Pizza in Uptown Minneapolis.

I was expecting a small showing.  I was wrong.

My fathers red BMW R1100RS I rode is 4 bikes in across the street
Estimates of 500-700 bikes were thrown around.

A nice Subaru, not the WRX package
The Italian Harley

500 Triumph Tiger, The bike that brought Dylan down

Street legal ice/flat tracker

Civilianzed HD 45 WLA
Plenty of sweet home grown choppers, mostly evos but a few japs

Want to say this was a XR500 motor, But I don't remember for sure
And then the forever classic Vincent

The main focus of the 100 mile trip was to find someone with a Triumph Scrambler and pick their brain.
None to be found, maybe I will need to make a trip from Madison to Minneapolis next month.