Monday, March 18, 2013

Last one on the ice?

First :30 were great, bikes stuck right down and were sideways with just a little give.

Then shit got gnarly, 2 foot square holes were popping up everywhere.  New one every lap.  Not quite holes to the open water, but air pockets full of water.    Catching a foot is a nice way to stretch the leg out.
Super Canadian cheaters

Plated Beemer
V twin 450 Aprilia Motocrosser 

Then St.Patrick's day was finished up with much beer, corned beef, cabbage, beer, and Daytona short track.

Pops to Finland

My Dad is headed to Finland to go compete in the Biathlon Masters Championship.
Taking his home brewed spruce/carbon Anschütz.
Been training everyday, hopefully a layover in France doesn't loose his skis and shooter. 

Yet another project

1973 Husky ST-250

Thursday, March 7, 2013

First sled ride

Well, I do faintly remember riding a Evinrude around in the area surrounding our house that is now occupied by hundreds of houses.

So today at work we took an extended lunch break..
Just a short loop, but what a fuckin' blast.   Ill stick to moto, but if anything happens to that KLR motor.. I might know what to repurpose.