Thursday, January 26, 2012

Worth the distance

My Dad has done a few ultra marathons in his past.
I thought he was over it.

Next Monday he is doing the Arrowhead 135 up in nortern Minnesota.
Everything must be carried along.
My uncle and my father will be skiing.
Under 60 hours gets a trophy.



Sunday, January 22, 2012


After 3 trees of paper, a headstock has been finalized.  Hopefully my lumber isn't too rough.  Got 1/4" to spare.


Not that I need more black holes for my time but,

Found another one.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Short tales

By Jessie James

Sitting in my shop staring at all the machines. Not a sound. No movement. Everything is completely still. I just keep staring and staring at my machines. I’m trying to make all of these cast iron monsters magically come to life and start making all the things I need to make. If I squint my eyes really tight? My vision is like one of those telepathic moments in the movies where the disturbed kid alone in her room makes her toy solder band come to life. They are marching and tooting little horns and beating tiny drums in tune to some long forgotten German military song of victory. Suddenly mom walks in and they all drop lifeless on the floor. Like they were never alive at all. My machines would be playing a in a very similar fashion. Except the music would be sounds of clattering and metal on metal banging. The wurrring alternating current electric motors straining hard to twist and form steel into shapes I have only visualized in the very back of my brain. Welders would be welding, and sanders would be throwing a rain of sparks, making everything babies butt smooth. What a sight that would be. My hands would be directing every move, and every cut with precision like a conductors baton. I would not have to physically move my body from where I was sitting. I could just stay stationary puffing away on my Tiparillo. This would be the perfect world. Never breaking a sweat, and hands never getting dirty. I would never again have to stop my battered fingers from bleeding with Crazy Glue and duct tape. Now that I think about it I wouldn’t need steel toe Blundstones, and could just wear my pajamas all day. Oh what a glorious world. I just keep staring. Nothing is moving. A slight breeze comes in the door and sweeps across my face. I take this as the sign that the mental powers that I have unleashed upon my workshop are about to take full effect. My brow tightens, my fists clench. My inner voice now at 200 decibels screams out! I COMMAND THEE!!
Still nothing.
My staring is now growing weary. I find it hard to focus on anything in particular. I look down at the top of my toolbox that I sitting next too, and realize I have one bite left of my sandwich. I pluck it up and pop it into my mouth. I guess my lunch break is officially over.
I’d better get back to work.

Via Jessie James' Butt Pee

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Slaved over the blueprint last night, still not quite done.

Just got my pickups in.
Sweet Shit.
Vintage Vibe Guitars - 2 CC-Rider pickups.
Pete Biltoft, from the sandy beaches of Hawaii, is doing some sweet shit at a reasonable price.
Modular magnets, pumped on that one.
Now to wait 9 weeks to hear them.

Faint shot of my first blueprint
I probably could have done a better job drawing darker lines.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Traced a Bass VI body in class from a projector scaled down.
Too small.
So this weekend without a projector, decided to draw it up in Rhino 3d.
Now for the undoing of my blueprint and redoing.

Tiny body, long neck

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


  But check out the Moonbeam doing a burnout at the top of the page.

The Ooze of surf

The first concert that ever left an impact on me.

I was in 5th grade  - Luther's Blues  
Fellow British cycle head and Co-worker of my dads couldn't make it to the show.
So I ended up taking his place with my pops.

Thanks Jeff!

Shitty quality - serious rock

Friday, January 6, 2012

Let it be said

... the decision of wtf im building has been..decided.
 Fender Bass VI body/pickguard
Bigsby inspired headstock
32.5" Scale
22 frets to the body
2 CCRider pickups Via Vintage Vibe Guitars
2 Concentric pots for individual Volume/Tone
Lefty Bigsby
Tune-O-Matic Bridge
Korina 3-piece body
Flamed maple neck

Paint job - TBD

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pure tone dude

Was up in La Crosse last week and it had been awhile since I had oogled over the guitar collection at Dave's.
Noticed this jem.

Long same scale

If I wernt doing a short scale bass, I would build a sexy baritone.  This is a 30" scale, but I'm now doing a 32" to reduce slop factor. Technical term.
Im thinking of doing a hybrid of this body and the mustang upper horn.

Note the small sampling of Dave's collection in the background

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Just stand still for awhile

Jim Haraughty, the man behind Team MS on his recently acquired Montesa.

I think he wanted to rub in the T-shirt/sandals weather down in AZ too.

Photo of Jim and his Bonneville beast crafted with some help from Motorcycle Performance.

One of the nicest guys you will ever meet.
Use to tear it up road racing and motocrossin' in the 80's
Then when he was diagnosed with MS in November of 2003 decided it was time to start racing again.

Jim is the guy I have to thank for the opportunity to pick up my Egan leathers.

And a happy new year

1936 BMW Snow Monster
Snagged from Just a Car Guy